Modular Active Chilled Beams (MAC Beams), also known as induction diffusers, consist of: a beam module (which is very similar in size and shape to a lighting fixture), a pressurized plenum, a horizontally mounted coil which can be either: cool only, and/or heat/cool, and mounting brackets. MAC Beams use ventilation air ("primary air") under pressure (0.3" w.c. - 1.25" w.c.) , to force room air to be re-circulated through a horizontally mounted coil within the chilled beam module.

    • Cut building operating costs by up to 50%

    • Double the COP of the cooling plant

    • Eliminate or reduce comfort complaints

    • Minimize operating control costs

    • Capture credits towards LEED certification for both Energy and Innovation

    • Incredible air side efficiency - Twa MAC Beams generally require only: 99 - 225 CFM/Ton of cooling.

For information on chilled beams in Canada contact Darren Alexander by email [email protected] or by phone (780) 955-8757 ext. 238