Modular Panels


Modular panels are an easily installed type of radiant heating panel. It is typically supported by an exposed grid acoustic ceiling system. They are manufactured to suit either metric or imperial ceiling grids with standard or tegular edges. Modular panels are often silk-screened to simulate adjacent acoustic tiles.

Twa Modular Panels Twa Modular Panels

However, panels in gyproc ceilings are provided in a standard white finish. The panel comprises a serpentine copper coil mechanically attached to either an aluminum or steel tray. Panels can be provided with aluminum or steel frames for recess or surface mounting in areas other than acoustic ceiling grids. The active or radiating surface of the panel can also be perforated for reduced sound or noise transmission when used in a total ceiling arrangement.

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2. Advantages
Twa Modular Panels

The modular format of the panel allows for zone or spot heating in an integrated building system. Panels are out of the way and easily installed or removed if dividing walls are moved and relocated. The ability to fit in a standard T-bar grid means they are the perfect choice for chilled ceiling projects.

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3. Applications
Twa Modular Panels

Modular panels are ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, daycare, commercial office developments, schools, museums, security facilities, airports, churches, banks, condominiums, laboratories, swimming pools, factories and workshops, etc.

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