Linear Panels

1. Description

Linear panels are an established approach to radiant heating. The linear panel is an extruded aluminum radiant heating strip that provides exceptionally high heat transfer. Linear panels are available in virtually any width and length up to a maximum of 16' (4.877 m).

Twa Linear Panels Twa Linear Panels

This product, while offering an up to date visual appearance, is suitable for both ceiling and wall mounting. Linear panels are also available with a range of mounting accessories providing flexible setup.

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2. Advantages
Twa Linear Panels

As the system is flexible, it is easily incorporated into any heating scheme with few dimensional constraints. The installation is straight forward and can be done by any mechanical contractor. By using on-site measurements supplied by the contractor, Twa Panel Systems can ship the panels pre-cut to the exact length required. This eliminates the extensive field labor involved with cutting the panels on site. Since the panels are fully assembled at the factory, all that remains for the installer to do is to lift the panel into the ceiling and make the supply and return connections.

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3. Applications
Twa Linear Panels

Linear panels can be used in hospitals, nursing homes, daycares, commercial office developments, schools, museums, security facilities, airports, churches, banks, condominiums, laboratories, swimming pools, factories and workshops. Linear radiant panels are usually run from wall to wall along the exterior wall of the building to reduce the perimeter heat load.

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