MAC Beams offer all the advantages of fan coils, yet require no:
  • condensate drainage
  • filters
  • electrical service
  • maintenance
and provide comfort at up to half the operating cost.
Buildings equipped with mixed-mode ventilation generally require dew point sensors installed on the chilled water supply lines, which help to prevent the formation of condensate on the unit mounted coil.
Chilled and hot water "RESET" allow the building automation system to optimize the comfort and energy costs of HVAC systems equipped with Twa MAC Beams.
The approach between room and chilled water temperatures dictate the Beam's ability to absorb heat. The cooler the room, the less heat can be absorbed by the coil, and vice-versa. As such the Beam's capacity is self-regulating. The effect is linear.
Two-position control valves can be used to manage the MAC Beam's capacity. Approximately 65-75% of the cooling effect is provided by the chilled water coil. The primary air continues to provide ventilation with no water flow to the coil, and the dehumidification effect remains. Two-position control valves are the most common and least costly control technique.
By using Variable Air Volume (VAV) to reduce primary air to the beam, proportional capacity control, and additional fan savings are achieved. Next...