Modular Active Chilled Beam
What are Modular Active Chilled Beams:

Modular Active Chilled Beams (MAC Beams), also known as induction diffusers, consist of: a beam module (which is very similar in size and shape to a lighting fixture), a pressurized plenum, a horizontally mounted coil which can be either: cool only, and/or heat/cool, and mounting brackets. MAC Beams use ventilation air (�primary air�) under pressure (0.3� w.c. � 1.25� w.c.) , to force room air to be re-circulated through a horizontally mounted coil within the chilled beam module."
How the Twa MAC Beams Work
Construction Details Installation and controls
Comfort, Operation and Energy Savings
Duct Static Working Pressures
Twa MAC Beam Quick Select (cooling only)
Twa MAC Beam Brochure
With Twa MAC Beam you can potentially:
  • Cut building operating costs by up to 50%
  • Double the COP of the cooling plant
  • Eliminate or reduce comfort complaints
  • Minimize operating control costs
  • Capture credits towards LEED certification for both Energy and Innovation
  • Incredible air side efficiency - Twa MAC Beams generally require only: 99 - 225 CFM/Ton of cooling.
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Chilled Beams in Canada

For information on chilled beams in Canada contact Darren Alexander by email or by phone (780) 955-8757 ext. 238

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Chilled Beams in the United States

TWA no longer fabricates active beams for the US Market.